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The Internet, a global computer network which embraces millions of users all over the world, began in the United states in 1969 as a military experiment. It was designed to survive a nuclear war. Information sent over the Internet takes the shortest possible way from one computer to another. Because of this, any two computers on the Internet will be able to stay in touch with each other as long as there is a single route between them, e.i. if some computers of the network are knocked out, information will just route around them.
Nobody knows how many people use the Internet, there are millions, and their number is growing by thousands each year.
The most popular Internet service is e-mail. Most of the people who have access to the Internet, use the network only for sending and receiving e-mail messages. However, there are a lot of other popular services available on the Internet such as information search, world news, weather forecast, on-line chats and other specific services.
In many developing countries the Internet is a reliable alternative for the isinessmen who can use it instead of expensive and unreliable telecommunication
systems. Commercial users can communicate over the Internet with the rest of the world and can do it very cheaply. When they send e-mail messages, they only pay for phone calls to their local service providers, not for calls across their countries or around the world.
But saving money is only the first step. When people saw that they can make money from the Internet, commercial use of the network drastically increased.
However, there are still some problems. The most important is security. When you send an e-mail message to somebody, this message can travel through many different networks and computers. Because of this it is possible to get into any of computers, intercept and even change the information or data that you send. Of course, there are different encoding programs which are very useful if you want to send a very important and secrete information. Some American banks and companies even conduct transactions over the Internet.
8. Дайте BianoBui на запитання, використовуючи шформашю з тексту:
1) What is the Internet?
2) .v'hat was the Internet originally designed for?
3) What will happen if one of the computers in the network is knocked out?
4) What is the most popular Internet service?
5) What other popular services are available on the Internet?
6) Why is the Internet considered to a reliable alternative to telecommunication?
7) Why is communication over the Internet so cheap?
8) Why did the commercial use of the Internet increase greatly?
9) What is the most important problem of sending e-mail messages?
10) How can you make your secrete message safe?
Management is attractive because it represents authority, more money, prestige, and so on. But few people are able to describe just what it is that managers do.
- Management is the art of getting things done through people and other resources. At one time, that meant that managers were called bosses, and their job was to tell people what to do and watch over them Jo be sure they did it. Bosses tended to reprimand those who didn't do tilings correctly, and generally acted stern and bossy. Many managers still behave that way. Perhaps you have witnessed such managers yelling at employees at fast-food restaurants or on shop floors.

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