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Название: My University

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"My University"

Выполнила студентка
1 курса
Факультета управления и психологии
Отделения психологии
Михайлусенко Екатерина
проверила ст. преподаватель Т.В. Оберемко
Краснодар 2005
Essay 3
Summary 8
Glossary 9
Bibliography 11
On June, 4th, 1920 at session of revolutionary committee the petition of a department of national education for opening on Kuban since autumn of 1920 of university in structure of faculties has been supported: medical, natural, sociohistorical.
On August, 9th, 1920 reception of applications of entrants in KubSU has begun. On September, 5th in solemn conditions the Kuban state university has been opened.
The university was placed in the first female grammar school. Duties of the rector were executed in the beginning by Samara professorA.V. Bagry. In 1920 the board of professors of university has selected on a post of the rector N.A.Marx.
The most numerous on structure of students and teachers of the Kuban university was sociohistorical faculty. It was planned to open the humanitarian faculty consisting of two branches: economic and historical. At the Kuban university a lot of scientific, stady-auxiliary services and establishments has been organized, the scientific university library is based.
Per 1921 the high school has been renamed into the Maximum pedagogical institute. To ithas passed all new reception of students of university.
During Great Domestic war from institute on front send awaymany teachers and students. On August, 1st, 1942 the institute has been closed.
On February, 18th, 1970 in day of opening of the Kuban university the solemn assembly took place. The generalmanagementof high school is carried out by the rector - professor V.A.Babeshko.
For years of the development the Kuban university on all basic parameters has left on the second place among universities of Northern Caucasus and now becomes the center of formation, a science and culture in edge. KubSU has entered into number 50 of leading high schools of the country
Kuban State University is a classical education institution, providing high-level fundamental theoretical education as well as deep practical knowledge.
KubSU offers 59 specialties in 16 Faculties, its graduates are employed at the leading state and joint-stock enterprises of the region, research institutes and higher education institutions, banks and courts, travel agencies and art studios, in the services sector and in the field of international activities. They develop the infrastructure of enterprises, cities and regions. They spread education, culture and science in the villages of the region, teaching schoolchildren, future University entrants, in the urban and rural areas of the Krasnodar region.
KubSU is cooperating with colleges and universities of the USA, England, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Korea, Vietnam, Jordan and other countries. Our graduates work in over 50 countries of the world. Our best students study at the colleges and universities of the USA, England, France, Germany, Greece, China and other countries.

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